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PC Delete Software Support:

Help is just an Email Away: (24 hour support)

If you run into a problem while using PC Delete just click on the help button to launch the internal help application. Most problems can be remedied by simply reading through the help file and FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions)

*(Important) However unlikely - If you do ever run into a problem please state the "exact" problem you are having with a full detailed description, model of your computer, version of operating system installed and anything else you think may help us pin point and resolve the problem you are having.

Please include your registration key in all support requests:

If you are having a problem that can not be resolved with the help file or FAQ you can email support with the above information at: support@virtual-imagination.com and we will investigate your problem directly.

We take software support issues very seriously and you will receive a response from a live customer service tech that will help you resolve any problems you are having not an automated message.

The Staff,

Virtual Imagination Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions: (click here for system requirements)

Can I run pcdelete on a MAC?
Sorry, PCDELETE is for the windows operating system only.

Will PCDELETE clean my documents menu?
Yes, PCDELETE cleans the windows document menu, you can even use the scheduler so PCDELETE automatically keeps it clean periodically while you work.

Does PCDELETE clean up Internet cookies?
Yes, PCDELETE will clean up all the cookies set on your system. There is also a log file that you can add domains to for trusted websites whose cookies you want to keep. The cookie cleaner feature can also be set to work on the scheduler so PCDELETE will clean up your systems cookies automatically in the background while you work.

Do I have to launch PCDELETE every time I want to delete something?
No, PCDELETE give you the option of incorporating itself into the windows menu system so you can right click and send documents and files directly to PCDELETE for digital shredding! PCDELETE will incorporate it's system into many of the windows you use to help save you time.

Can I clean the files that I have deleted in the past with the recycle bin?
Yes, with the clean hard drive module (separate module) you will be able to run the digital cleaner on the free space on your hard drive. This will destroy any left over data and files that you have deleted in the past that can still be recovered. PCDELETE will digitally shred your data so it can never be recovered.

Can PCDELETE clean my web browsers history?
Yes, PCDELETE will clean Internet explorer history and temporary files to protect your privacy. You will no longer need to worry about anyone being able to see the history of your Internet browsing through the history menu or temp files.

Is it automatic?
Some features of PCDELETE can be run on the built in scheduler so you can set it and forget it. PCDELETE will then clean your system according to your preferences automatically in the background while you work.

What if I forget to start PCDELETE?
You can choose whether you want PCDELETE to start up automatically when your system is started. Once started and you have your scheduler set up PCDELETE will work around the clock cleaning your system for you. You can set it and forget about it.

What if I forget to use pcdelete and have files in my recycle bin?
PCDELETE can automatically delete files in the recycle bin with it's digital shredder so you do not have to worry about how your files are deleted. As long as you have the recycle bin feature turned on in the scheduler PCDELETE will destroy the data you need destroyed and protect your privacy..

Does PCDELETE use a lot of disk space?
Not at all, PCDELETE uses minimal system resources and does not require a lot of disk space to operate.

What if someone uninstalled PCDELETE on me?
Not a problem, PCDELETE is password protected. At installation you are presented with a field to create a password. PCDELETE cannot be uninstalled without your password.

System Requirements:
32 bit version: Windows 95/98/2000/NT compliant
8 MBs RAM. 486DX or better, pentium recommended.
10 MBs of hard drive space.
Internet Connection
Y2K Compliant

The Bottom Line is that PCDELETE is simple to use and HIGHLY effective!

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