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For Personal, Home, Business & Corporate Privacy Protection:

"Not Just Another Cookie Crusher!"

"PCDELETE will help protect your privacy and secure your personal data so it remains private. Clear history, documents, cookies and deleted files so they can never be recovered... even by forensic software. PcDelete protects your privacy both on and offline!"

Please read on to learn more about PCDELETE features and see how it can effectively help protect your privacy.

  • Permanently and automatically protects you from
    unauthorized cookies.

  • Instantly gets rid of TEMPORARY Internet explorer files that
    can cause you misery if found!

  • Permanently erase potentially embarrassing files downloaded to
    your computer.

  • Turns Your System Into a Digital shredder "permanently" destroys
    files and directories structures so they can never be accessed again.
    If you are deleting files with the recycle bin they can easily be
    recovered! But, pcdelete TRULY deletes your files to protect your
    privacy, even forensic software will not be able to retrieve files you delete!

  • Clears your system run menu so people cannot see what internal
    systems and files you used.
  • Cover your tracks from your boss, nosy coworkers & staff!

  • Powerful automatic scheduler to let you set it & forget it! PCDELETE
    will quietly sit and cover your tracks automatically for you, you can set
    the time frame and select which features pcdelete automatically runs.

  • Delete Internet explorer browsing history so no one can see
    the sites you have visited. Stop those prying eyes dead in
    their tracks!

  • Clean hard drive module will clean up all the free space on your hard drive. This free space is packed with files that you have deleted in the past that can be easily recovered. If you want to be assured that no one can ever retrieve your deleted data you must delete these traces. Even disk formatting will not remove this data but pcdelete will!

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Simple to use and HIGHLY effective!

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PC Delete Instant Download

Before Purchasing ANY Digital Deletion or System Cleaning Software, Make Sure That It:
Gives you everything you need to quickly get started without spending countless hours trying to figure out menu after menu of controls
Automates and saves you time by using a customizable scheduler that runs silently in the background keeping guard over your system even while you sleep
Not only cleans your current system but also gets rid of all of the old deleted data that still remains on your hard drive... even from months or years ago
Cleans your index.dat file, This is the file most applications miss! This file contains traces of your every move
Turns your recycle bin into an advanced digital shredder to prevent future unauthorized recovery
Cleans your browser history, windows run menu and documents menu automatically
Has secure password protection to protect against unauthorized use and removal
Guards against unwanted internet cookies.. but allows you to keep cookies from sites you choose
Provides a full features tour that can be accessed at any time with details on every application feature

PC Delete does all of the above and more without the hassle of learning a complicated program, it's even automated... simply set it and forget it. Instant Download Now

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PC Delete Instant Download

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