BREAKING NEWS: Privacy & Security Threats Continue;
Experts: PC Delete best protection

By Staff Reporter
Philadelphia - Security experts are urging all computer and Internet users to install PC Delete Security Software, Privacy & Security vulnerability and threats are at an all time high. If you are not taking steps to protect your systems data your personal privacy and security may be at serious risk.

PC Delete, street priced at $49.95, is available for instant download online.

  • Deletes unauthorized Internet cookies
  • Cleans up your documents
  • Clears your run menu
  • Turns your recycle bin into a digital shredder
  • Clears your web browsing history in Internet explorer
  • Gets rid of embarrassing temporary Internet explorer files
  • Runs automatically on a set scheduler that you can configure
  • Can't be uninstalled without your password
  • Can hunt down and permanently digitally shred your past file deletions (these files can still be recovered!) PCDELETE will 'truly' remove them from your system

In addition, experts across the industry are pleading users to convey this news to friends and family members in hopes that this will have a global influence and help computer users get on the path to privacy protection & PC security.

PC DELETE Privacy & Security Software
PC Delete also includes an advanced built in digital shredder to protect your sensitive data from prying eyes.

To protect your privacy and help keep your computers data safe you can use privacy protection software, security software and monitoring software that is readily available online:

Privacy & Protection Software: PC Delete -

PC Delete Instant Download


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