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PC DELETE Customer Testimonials!

Below are some of the emails and letters we have received from our customers. If you are a PC DELETE user we would love to hear your comments! comments@pcdelete.com

"Excellent! This is exactly what I need to keep my nosey boss out of my hair! Thanks."

Mark James

"I have been using PC DELETE on my work PC and my home PC and it's great! I love the fact that it runs automatically because I always forget to clear my documents and empty my recycle bin. It's saved my rear a few times already if you know what I mean..."

Sandra T... (Customer wishes to remain anonymous)

"I wish I had this software last year, I had a few problems with my Boss snooping around my system every chance he got. If I had PC DELETE I would have had no worries. I plan on letting everyone I know about this software it's definitely one of those must have utilities especially for the Internet.

I have one of your other product on my home PC to remotely monitor my system and it's fantastic. I knew PC DELETE would be of the same standards..."

Harold Thompson

"Now my husband can chew his finger nails off trying to figure out where I've been online! Thanks, pc delete sits on my computer cleaning my tracks without me worrying anymore. Please do not use my last name on this."

Allison R..

If you are a PC DELETE user we would love to hear your comments! You can send them to: comments@pcdelete.com We will be happy to provide links to your email and website or keep you anonymous if you wish.

The Bottom Line is that PCDELETE is simple to use and HIGHLY effective!

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WARNING: Don't Leave Any Tracks Behind!


Your Computer tracks all of your internet activity and all of the actions performed on it. If your computer is not secure,anyone can find out what you have been doing! PC Delete permantly cleans your computer, getting rid of cookies, cache, history, browser settings, index.dat file and much more.


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