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Computer Privacy Protection
The Internet and computer use in general is growing by unimaginable numbers every single day. Along with this fantastic growth and opportunity comes increased need for personal privacy and peace of mind.

Whether you need a privacy solution for your personal data at home, or you're a fortune 500 partner that needs to protect data on thousands of systems...

"PCDELETE Will Protect Your Privacy!"

"Why wonder if someone has access to your data when you can protect your privacy with PCDELETE"

Did you know files that you have deleted can easily be recovered even after hard disk reformatting! Files you have deleted months, even years ago can all be brought back up to HAUNT you! Not with pcdelete!
Cookies are added to your system online.
With pcdelete you can curb unauthorized cookies automatically while you work? More
Web browsing activity can easily be found.
Bosses, employees, staff, spouse etc. can easily see what sites you have visited online in your browser history... Not with pcdelete! More
Pornography & off-limit sites are your business.
Stop people from seeing the last files you access and the webpages you visit. The sites you visit are your business, stop those snooping eyes with pcdelete!More

Deleted data can come back and haunt you.
If you are simply deleting files through the recycle bin they can easily be recovered even after hard disk reformatting. Not with pcdeletes digital shredding system!Read on

PC Delete Instant Download

Do you realize every move you make on your computer is being logged. From the web sites you visit, to the programs, files and documents you open... you are being tracked. Even if you attempt to delete these tracks, Windows retains secret log files, index.dat files and more. Deleting Internet cache and searching for history files could take hours of work manually. PC Delete protects and cleans your computer automatically!

PC Delete is one of the most effective, user friendly, cost efficient ways to wipe your hard drives clean of all logs that your computer records all automatically while you surf the web .

No more worrying about what people will see on your computer.

"Software cannot be modified or removed without a password so you can rest assured no one will tamper with your privacy solution!"

In a Hurry? Download Right Now

Too good to be true? Check it out...

Typical uses for PCDELETE:


Does your boss constantly spy on you or use your computer? Take the worry out of your day and let PCDELETE clean up after you automatically.


The websites you access and view are your private business, now you can cover up your Internet explorer history and temporary files so your surfing remains "YOUR" private business!


Websites place cookies on your system all the time without your knowledge. Let PCDELETE get rid of these unauthorized invasions of your privacy automatically while your surf.


If you have been deleting files, documents, images etc. through the windows recycle bin your privacy is at risk! There are MANY software programs readily available that can crawl your hard rive and dig up the files you have deleted in the past. Even hard disk reformatting does not truly get rid of these files. The only way to 'truly' be sure your files are deleted is to use a digital shredder like PCDELETE. PCDELETE turns your recycle bin into a digital shredder, when PCDELETE deletes your recycle bin files you can rest assured that they can never be recovered... even forensic software cannot recover files deleted with PCDELETE.

Imagine The Possibilities!

PCDELETE will automatically clean up after you in the background. No more embarrassing moments because you forgot to delete a file or clear your history.

  • Deletes unauthorized Internet cookies
  • Cleans up your documents
  • Clears your run menu
  • Turns your recycle bin into a digital shredder
  • Clears your web browsing history in Internet explorer
  • Gets rid of embarrassing temporary Internet explorer files
  • Runs automatically on a set scheduler that you can configure
  • Can't be uninstalled without your password
  • Can hunt down and permanently digitally shred your past file deletions (these files can still be recovered!) PCDELETE will 'truly' remove them from your system.

Your privacy is protected with PCDELETE!

Learn more about privacy protection software or download PCDELETE right here...

it's even automated.. simply set it and forget it. Instant Download Now

With the INSTANT DELIVERY order system your copy of PC Delete will be running on your computer in just a few minutes.

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"Why wonder if someone has access
to your data when you can protect
your privacy with PCDELETE"

PC Delete Instant Download

Deleting internet cache and history will not protect you...
Your PC keeps records of all your online and off-line activity. Any Websites you view, E-mails you send, and everything else you or someone else have ever done on your computer can be found out!

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